Cemetery and churchyard fees

Cemetery fees for new memorials in Lancaster

Kenneth A Fraser Ltd can help you submit memorial consent forms required by the local authority-run cemeteries. Take a look at the cemetery and churchyard fees for new memorials and additional inscriptions.

Local churchyard fees and LCC memorial consent forms

For new memorials or additional inscriptions in Lancaster City Council cemeteries (Scotforth, Skerton, Lancaster, Carnforth, Torrisholme and Hale Carr), a LCC memorial consent form has to be completed with the following details:
  • Grave number
  • Grave grant date
  • Signature and address of applicant
The completed form has to be then submitted to the Cemeteries Office with full details of the memorial specifications. Similarly, South Lakeland District Council, Craven District Council, Wyre Borough Council and other local authority-run cemeteries also require consent forms before they issue a permit for the work to proceed. We keep all the necessary forms on file and can assist you in their completion. Bentham Town Council and most churchyards only require letters and drawings from us showing memorial specifications and details of inscriptions.
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memorial for cemetery

Current LCC cemetery fees

New memorial including first inscription - £108.10
Additional inscriptions - £35.85
Tablets not exceeding 18”x12” - £66.30
newly built memorial

Church of England churchyard fees

New memorial - £128.00
Additional inscription on an existing memorial - £25.00
Cremation memorials not exceeding 18”x12” - £67.00
For over 25 years, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd has been a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons. All members of NAMM are required to meet agreed standards of workmanship and business practice.
Do you want to add additional inscriptions on your old memorial? Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd for queries regarding your local cemetery fees, churchyard fees and the memorial consent forms. We cover Lancaster, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Call us now on
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