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Create a lasting tribute perpetuating the memory of your loved one with our memorial services. Kenneth A Fraser Ltd in Lancaster offers well-made and securely erected memorials.

Why choose Kenneth A Fraser Ltd?

 We understand that it is difficult for you to assess the quality and workmanship of a memorial whilst buying. Which is why, we recommend choosing a member of the NAMM for your memorial needs. As a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd guarantees subjects to certain conditions such as;
  1. Should any memorial supplied by us (the seller) prove to be faulty in workmanship or material within 10 years of the memorial being fixed in the cemetery or churchyard, the memorial will be made good (if this is not possible) or replaced without any expense to the purchaser.
  2. As natural materials vary from time to time in colour and texture this guarantee relates only to the type and soundness of the material and not to its colour and texture.
  3. This guarantee is not applicable to any painting or gliding on the memorial, and any damage caused by a third party.
  4. The guarantee becomes invalid if the memorial is removed, disturbed or otherwise worked upon by anyone other than us (the seller), except in case of stability or safety testing carried out within accepted limits by the relevant cemetery authority.
  5. This guarantee applies only where an order clearly stating the type of material, the finish, the dimensions of the memorial and the full text of the inscription has been signed by the purchaser and received by the seller.
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High standards of workmanship

As a member of NAMM, our memorial masons always strive to deliver high standards of workmanship and service. You can avoid unnecessary future expense, regret and distress by choosing us for your memorial needs.
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Our service locations:

Though based in Lancaster, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd also covers Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. For any queries and additional information, contact our memorial masons today.

National Association Of Memorial Masons

Choosing a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons offers the following safeguards:
  1. All members must carry out memorial work to the standards laid down in an approved code of working practice.
  2. All members are skilled memorial masons with a full understanding of their craft and therefore capable of providing a proper aftercare service.
  3. All members must be well-established businesses with a proven trade record.
  4. All members must adhere to a strict code of ethics.
  5. All members are required to have a public liability insurance cover.
  6. All members are encouraged to take part in training schemes, seminars and craft competitions organised by the association to promote high standards of craftsmanship.
  7. All members are able to offer memorial insurance through schemes approved by the association (these cover all risks including vandalism).
  8. Finally, in the event of any problem arising, the National Association of Memorial Masons offers an independent arbitration service.
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If any dispute should arise between the purchaser and the seller concerning any matter relating to the guarantee, such disputes shall be referred to:
Nations Association of Memorial Masons
27a Albert Street,
Rugby, CV21 2SG.
Phone: 01788 542 264
Fax: 01788 542 276
This guarantee is in addition to, and not in lieu of any statutory or common law rights vested in the purchaser.
About Kenneth A Fraser Ltd
To create a lasting tribute to your loved one, contact your local memorial masons at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We cover Lancaster, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Call us now on 
01524 65 502
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